Development of new production techniques to obtain sparkling wines without alcohol or sulphites.



The demand for non-alcoholic beverages, given the growing awareness of consumer health at a global level, has increased the size of the market for wines with this profile. On the other hand, the growing demand for sulphite-free wines is also a reality that is not only related to consumer demand, but also to European regulations, which are increasingly restrictive regarding the use of these compounds.

In this context, Aroa Bodegas will develop a totally innovative new product that does not yet exist on the market, such as the first alcohol-free and sulphite-free sparkling wine. It will be a low-calorie, healthier product with high organoleptic quality, capable of responding to market demand and helping consumers who are most concerned about their health not have to give up the pleasure of savoring a good wine, sharing the culture and ritual associated with this product with thousands of years of tradition.