Our philosophy is founded on one key tenet: respect for nature's logical order. A daily work in wich we seek to alter the environment as little as possible while adhering to the vineyard's natural rhythms.

Aroa is one of just a handful wineries in Spain, and the only one in Navarra, to have received the Wineries for Climate Protection certificate. Awarded by the Spanish Wine Federation, it recognizes continuous improvement on four fronts: reduction of emissions, water management, waste reduction and energy efficiency.

At the winery

At the winery, 100% of our energy consumption comes from renewable sources We design its spectacular architecture to consume the minimum and maximize the performance of natural resources.

In the vineyard

In the vineyard we practice free and natural agriculture. We use plant cover, plant-based treatments and organic input from harvest and pruning residues. In this way we maintain the biodiversity of the soil and the environment, avoiding any synthetic chemical compound.

Corporate Social Liability

As a winery, we believe that our primary obligation is to the area that welcomes us.

We make a promise to the land to give back what it offers us by minimizing the impact that the creation of our wines causes on it. This commitment manifests itself in the form of specific data and monitoring by third-party agencies and organizations.


Period 2015-2022.

61.8 %

Reduction in the energy consumption ratio per bottle.

74.0 %

Of our energy consumed is self-supplied.

Photovoltaic solar panels on the entire roof of the winery The rest of our renewable energy is purchased from an external provider (Syder Comercializadora Verde.)

Objective 2025.

5.0 %

Further reduction in energy consumption.

Natural Resources

Period 2015-2022.

32.2 %

Reduction of the ratio of water consumption per bottle.

Objective 2025

5.0 %

Further reduction in water consumtion.


Period 2016-2022.

56. 13 %

Reduction in waste generation.

Objective 2025

99.6 %

Of the waste will be recovered.




We use the lightest on the market.






We only use capsules manufactured without the use of solvents (water-based paints).





All of the Aroa vineyards are certified as organic and are controlled by CPAEN(Council of Organic Agricultural Production of Navarra).

IFS Food is a voluntary food safety and quality standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The only winery from Navarra with the Wineries for Climate Protection certificate, awarded annually by the Spanish Wine Federation.

Nature is the best winemaker