The ideal place to enjoy and share special moments. Winery and restaurant, located in spectacular setting, surrounded by beautiful vineyards. A perfect place for many unique occasions.

Lounge with incredible view and capacity up to 110 people, with bathrooms on the same floor and access for the disables.

The menu always reveals an exquisite selection of the finest seasonal and fresh ingredients from our reagion, representing our “Eco” philosophy, quality and simplicity.

To ensure that everything is going to be as smooth as possible on your special day, we have a large team of professionals that will help you organize and coordinate every detail.

We offer you beautiful settings and exclusive services that will make your day unforgettable.


“Our work is based on caring and enjoying food, creating something special but simple at the same time”.

This is the philosophy that runs the work of Aitor Esnal, with the focus on simplicity and originality to stimulate human sensations.



The gastronomic place, where winery and restaurant go hand in hand. The gastronomy is marked by ‘eco’ philosophy, meaning the less distance the ingredient has travelled, the better.

Is the perfect place to enjoy a gastronomic evening, where the quality of the product, simplicity and extraordinarity are the main things.



We offer you tasty menus for your event or celebration, always with seasonal and local ingredients. 

If you are looking for a perfect place to celebrate a special event send us a request and enjoy an amazing gastronomic experience.


For more information:
eventos@aroawines.com · Phone. +34 948 921 995 · Through the following form.






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