The dialogue between man and nature is one of the essential things in winemaking in Aroa Bodegas. Wines are made by organic grapes, elaborated with the minimum intervention possible, so that the grapes express their terroir as purely and as honestly as possible. 

The same phylosophy we wanted to convert into art. Artists are using mainly natural products to create a story that represet our vision and respect towards nature. Wine, food and art, three different things, but with the same value, which is to stimulate human sensations.

The first edition of the international certamen “Arte en la viña” was in Aroa Bodegas from June 19 to 25, 2017 and it ended with open air temporary museum, that was open for the public during the summer 2017.

The English sculptor Lesley Yendell had the most international recognation of all the artists. Together with other artists, Sandra Nuin, Roberto Pajares ‘el pajaro’, Pamen Pereira, Lucía Loren, Óscar Cenzano and Demetrio Navaridas, who was also the artistic advisor, the Land Art in Aroa Bodegas was born.

The idea is to repeat certamen every two years, during the month of June, and recreate the story of this temporaly ephemeral museum.

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