In this first edition, the museum features a selection of seven renowned Land Art artists. Let’s meet them:

Lesley Yendell

English sculptor living in Catalonia. Her work draws both from the landscape of the Penedés to everyday household objects. Her focus is on transforming those objects and adding a new value not only an esthetic effect, but also the meaning of the creations.

Sandra Nuin

Artist from Navarra. She combines different materials (wood, bronze, ceramics, etc.) to create natural but very expressive forms and bring them to life.

Roberto Pajares ‘El Pájaro’

Roberto Pajares ‘The Bird’, was born in Tafalla and has been the sculptor and sanctuary custodian for the last twenty years in Lomos de Orios (La Rioja). Artist and hermit, who is in love with sculpting and art.


Pamen Pereira

Born in Ferrol (Coruña) in 1963. He takes his own life experience as an inspiration and express them through drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. His creations are tremendously connected with nature from which he draws most of his images.

Lucía Loren

The relationship between humans and the environment has been the main theme of her work over the past few years. She is using the elements that represent nature and landscape to show her concept and ideas of environment we are living in.

Óscar Cenzano

Sculptor from La Rioja, born in Logroño in 1954. His work has a focus on the abstract and the avant-garde. He is using different materials in the same sculpture, composing and combinating them to create a story that speaks for itselfs.

Demetrio Navaridas

Artist from Rioja, born in 1954. One of his main ideas is to show human relationship with the habitat and his natural environment, by using different perspectives of painting, sculpture, photography, video, installations and Land Art.

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